The strategic placement of down-lighting in your home will not only maximize energy efficiency but will add beauty and drama to any room. Working with the talented Curran Electrical Services Team will ensure that you not only receive the finest advice in the industry but the expertise of highly qualified technicians during the process. You can be assured before your project begins that your partners at Curran Electrical will check on the qualifications for down-lighting as well as any specifications required by your locality or regulating agency for installation. Consider first the added beauty and functionality that will enhance any room in your home.

When planning the design of your living room, for example, don’t forget to incorporate lighting into the plans along with furnishings and other important design aspects. Your kitchen can become a highly functional cooking area that would excite even the choosiest chef. The right placement of spot-lights and down-lighting over the cooking and food preparation areas will enhance the enjoyment of any meal.

The bathroom can become the most dramatic place in your home with the simple addition of down-lighting. And when you enjoy the added aesthetic pleasure that is provided by your down-lighting, enjoy the reduction in your energy consumption and the savings at the same time. Your electric bills can be reduced by as much as 190 euro a year with the use of 5 watt 25 year LED lamps instead of 50-watt lamps.

Reduce the safety hazards in your home as well by eliminating the fire hazard that is present with hot, 50-watt halogen lamps.

The professionals at Curran Electrical Services will design your down-lighting or spot-lighting project and then complete installation in an efficient and professional manner. In any room, tasteful and elegant down-lighting fixtures are available in a wide variety of finishes including white, brushed chrome, mirrored chrome, brass, and antique brass. Why wait? Call today for a free consultation with one of the professionals at Curran Electrical Services.

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