Electric Shower Installation

For discerning homeowners, an electric shower has become a must-have part of the master bathroom and any other frequently used bathrooms in the house. Electrical shower units differ from traditional showers in that the hot water supply never runs out!

Rather than being heated by a hot water heater, an electric shower offers a reliable supply of hot water that is heated at exactly the temperature and pressure that you choose. With multiple controls and temperature settings, each user can preset the shower to their exact specifications. The Triton T90 is installed with a power control selector to allow cold, economy or high.

The showerhead is a rub-clean showerhead with five different shower pressure settings. The installation of an electrical shower unit requires a professional, trained electrician who can fit your shower safely and securely without putting you or your family at any risk of danger. Because the hot water is independently heated through a conduit rather than being heated in a water heater and then pulled to the shower, the wiring requirements are very technical. Your dependable electricians at Curran Electrical are ready for the job! We not only specialize in the installation of electric showers, but we are able to do so with minimal interruption.

Our professional, qualified electrical specialists can fully supply and install your electric shower starting at 400. The Triton T90 offers you excellent performance and reliability. As a tank fed integral pumped electrical shower the T90 is designed for installations where the pressure of the mains water supply is low, unreliable or non-existent. Enjoy the comfort of a perfect shower every time with the installation of the T90 Electric Shower system. For the finest in electric shower installation from beginning to end, rely on your partners at Curran Electrical Services.

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