Bain Marie Catering Equipment Systems

Curran Electrical Services doesn’t just provide excellent service to homeowners or “brick and mortar” businesses. The professionals at Curran Electrical are experts with electrical servicing of Bain Marie Catering Equipment Systems. The unique electrical needs of a bain marie cook-station have to exceed safety and reliability standards because they provide a unique cooking environment of high pressure and controlled temperatures as well as specialized cooling systems.

Many specialty recipes depend on the equipment’s ability to attain and maintain exact, controlled temperatures. Bain marie equipment systems require expert knowledge of the specialized temperature controls which your technical experts at Curran Electrical possess. We are easily and efficiently able to install all electrical controls, 3-phase main switches, all types of Capillary thermostats, careful installation and checking of indicator lights, double pole toggle switches and all electrical needs associated with not only bain marie catering systems, but any type of catering equipment.

If your catering business is constantly on the move and you are providing no less than excellence to your customers, you have to be able to depend on your equipment before you leave your cook-station. Call the professionals at Curran Electric today for excellent, professional service for all of your catering electrical needs.

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