Energy Saving Reports and Ideas

The professionals at Curran Electrical service do more than install and service electrical wiring; we care about you. As your partner, we strive to provide dependable service and installation services but we also want to offer you alternatives that will save money for a lifetime.

As energy prices continue to rise, there are many different simple ways that you, the consumer, can save energy and money. Responsible energy use and effort on your part can make all of the difference in both your energy consumption and the quality of life that you live. There are many different simple tips that can make large differences; there are also many different ways that energy is being used in your home that you may not be aware of. Allow the expert team at Curran Electrical Services to conduct an in-depth analysis of your home, fixtures and energy usage at no charge.

Find out where your home uses energy, where it’s losing energy and where you can save money with small changes. After the visit, we will develop a report of the findings and then go over it with you in detail to make sure that all of your questions are answered. Simple details like light bulbs, using cold water for certain things rather than hot water or how your family uses the shower can mean lots of extra euros in your pocket each month.

Larger purchase decisions can also affect your energy usage for years to come. Energy efficient appliances – washers and dryers, stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners – any large appliance – can save you hundreds of euros each year! There are many ways that you can save money and energy in your home or your business. Let Curran Electrical Services conduct an energy savings analysis today!


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