Periodic Installation Reports

All electrical installations will suffer from deterioration as they are used and begin to age. You should have a qualified electrician inspect and test the wiring in your home or business on regular intervals. The professionals at Curran Electrical Services can check to see if your wiring is in satisfactory condition for continued use.

Your inspection will include safety inspections of things like whether or not your electrical circuits or equipment are overloaded or interrupted; any potential fire hazards from worn wiring; any areas of deficient earthing or bonding; the serviceability of all sockets, light fixtures and fittings; and any other potential issues that need to be addressed. Electrical safety checks are also referred to as period inspection checks. When the inspection is completed, you will receive a report called a periodic inspection report.

The report will include all pertinent findings as well as a schedule of the circuitry in your home which would prove to be invaluable. Electrical Condition Reports should be conducted every 5-10 years, depending on the use of the property but you can rest assured that the professionals at Curran Electrical Services can provide you with the specific advice for your individual situation.


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