Thermal Imaging

Why you need thermal scans of your electrical switchboards

Maintaining Continuous Safe Electrical Supply

Electrical thermal scanning, also known as thermography or infrared imaging, is a non-invasive and non-destructive method of inspecting electrical equipment and systems.

It uses a thermal camera to capture the heat patterns and temperature differences of electrical components, such as cables, circuit breakers, transformers and other electrical components. By analysing these images, potential faults and defects can be identified and corrected before they cause serious damage, fire, or power outage.

Phase Balancing

Thermal images are an easy way to identify apparent temperature differences in industrial three-phase electrical circuits, compared to their normal operating conditions. By inspecting the thermal gradients of all three phases side-by-side, technicians can quickly spot performance anomalies on individual legs due to unbalance or overloading.


Thermal Imaging gives you a non-destructive moisture detection system. When water is present, the temperature difference between the damp/wet area is visible with thermal imaging. This allows the detection of moisture build-up or a leak by showing up as a different colour on the thermal imagers.


The camera can also confirm leaks in pipes behind walls as well as identifying location and pathways of pipes hidden from the naked eye.

Insulation Breakdown

Thermographic surveys can help you detect the insulation in your wall cavities, seeing if it’s reduced away and needs fixing before you spend money unnecessarily.


They can also help detect any clogged radiators, helping address the problem promptly for you as well as confirming when a heating system requires flushing.

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